The Compass Rose

banner3The Band:

Daniel J. Logan – percussion
Chris Harvey – lead guitars, banjo
Oscar South – electric/upright bass
Jack Beacall – keys
Jon Fellowes – guitars

Ashley Fayth has combined forces with Daniel J. Logan, Chris Harvey, Oscar South, Jack Beacall, and Jon Fellowes to form the trans-Atlantic country-folk collaborative, Ashley Fayth & The Compass Rose.

Ashley’s new album, Take Back the Fire, features 11 original songs and one traditional Newfoundland ballad, and is her first collaborative work with the band.

The new album  is a move toward a much more textured and organic sound. Ashley’s clear and intimate vocals carry simple, hooky melodies, nestled in a bed of warm, mellow, folk-country instrumentation. Airy guitars, driving banjo, smooth fretless and upright bass lines, sparkling keys, and easy, shuffling rhythms heighten and enrich Ashley’s tender songwriting style, culminating in a sound that is at once earthy and ethereal. The soundscape is gentle and energetic with plucky mandolin and dreamy chimes, then builds to encompass gritty rock guitar, booming timpani-esque percussion, and sweeping strings. Thematically and musically, the album ebbs and flows in darkness and intensity, like the sea swells that inspired so many of its songs.

Take Back the Fire not only represents a new direction in Ashley’s sound, but also marks the creation of The Compass Rose, itself. Collectively, members of The Compass Rose have a long list of previous work including performing with, supporting and touring alongside the likes of Bellowhead, Dougie MacLean, Thea Gilmore, Katrine Polwart, Sharon Shannon, King Creosote, Roddy Wooble, Emily Maguire, Sam Sweeney, and Jim Moray.

The opportunity to join forces with five incredible musicians with such varied backgrounds and styles has allowed the Canadian artist to explore a more layered, mature, and in some cases, slightly darker, sound .