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Ashley is an award-winning Canadian-British singer/songwriter and children’s author specialising in songs and stories that support and inspire sustainability and conservation.

In addition to working with Chester Zoo to write their international campaign songs, Ashley’s songs have featured on BBC Radio 2, CBC Radio (Canada), and on more than 100 regional and national stations worldwide. She has picked up awards from both Universal Music and the Canadian Songwriters Association, and has played showcases at CMJ (New York), South by Southwest (Austin, Texas); CMW (Toronto), and toured extensively within the UK and internationally.

She is expecting her first child in September (it’s a girl!), and her next album of children’s songs in January 2020.


A) Blueberry Bay Concert

£350 | 2 hours (half-day) | all ages | max 60 participants

From January 2020 Ashley will be touring in the UK and Canada with her new story and audiobook, Blueberry Bay. The book tells the tale of a clan of quirky sea creatures who encounter a plastic pollution problem and reach out to the children of Blueberry Bay for help. Through beautiful illustrations and rhythmical, rhyming verses, the book teaches kids hands-on, everyday ways to help save the sea!

Each 2-hour performance features a Blueberry Bay book reading followed by a live musical concert of Ashley’s original Songs for Sustainability, including “Sing for Songbirds”, “The Palm Oil Conga”, “Wildlife Connections”, “Forget About the Car”, and “Spaghetti in the Park”. Q&A and book signing included.

Listen to a clip of the “Blueberry Bay” storybook:


£350 | 4 hours (full day or two half-days) | key stage 2 | max 30 participants

Ashley’s songwriting sessions involve two cumulative half-day workshops. These can take place on the same or consecutive day(s). As a group, the children will . . .

  • LEARN how to use music to spread the word about important environmental issues like sustainability and conservation.
  • WRITE an original song. Songwriting requires problem solving, literacy skills, teamwork, musicality, research, maths, and creativity!
  • PERFORM their composition, with musical accompaniment.
  • RECORD and release their original song, and have their track added to Ashley’s website.
  • SHARE their newly released song, and a very important message, with the world!


£500 | 6 hours (1.5 days) | key stage 2 | max 30-60 participants

One full day of songwriting workshops and a half-day reading and concert plus Q&As and book signing.


If you have multiple groups wishing to participate, you can combine packages at a significantly reduced rate. The cost would be £500 for the concert and first set of workshops (as above), plus £200 per each additional set of daily workshops.

For example
Monday (all day) – Year 5A Songwriting Workshops
Tuesday (all day) – Year 5B Songwriting Workshops
Wednesday (all day) – Year 4A Songwriting Workshops
Thursday (pm) – Concert and Reading for all groups
Total cost for the above program would be £900.


Please be sure to include as much information in your message (school, location, possible dates, number of students, etc.) as possible.

TRAVEL EXPENSES – Travel expenses are not included in the above rates and will be calculated in advance upon request. For any bookings more than two hours commute from Chester (CH3), basic suitable accommodation and parking should be provided (billeting with staff is fine) or an overnight stay fee will be charged.