I Am the Bird – Online Gallery

In advance of the release of my single “I Am the Bird”, I asked fans from around the world to contribute to a special collaborative arts and crafts project. I wanted artists – amateur and professional – to listen to the new song and then to reinterpret it using another artistic medium.

The end result was a gallery of incredible and varied works of art which featured jewellery, paints, woodwork, lego, photography, pine cones, and even real fire!

It was mesmerizing to see how each person’s interpretation of “I Am the Bird” was so unique and personal; how one piece of art could be reimagined in so many ways.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the project. I will never sing this song without thinking of you!

“I Am the Bird” is featured on Ashley’s album Take Back the Fire which is on sale now.



I Am the Bird Project Gallery

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