This year, with the help of Chris Harvey, Daniel J. Logan, and other friends, I will be setting my favourite poems to music.

We will be releasing “poems as songs” throughout the year, in the form of demos and live videos, and will be inviting other artists to take part in collaborative performances.

At the end of the year, we will compile our favourite interpretations on a studio album called “ANTHOLOGY”.

ANTHOLOGY will provide a new creative challenge for me. I want to use popular music as a vehicle to share some of my favourite literary works with people who might not otherwise be interested in seeking out and reading poetry.

I’ve not met too many people in the street who can recite John Donne, Sylvia Plath, or Philip Larkin (except that bit about fucking you up, your mum and dad); but my two year-old nephew knows all the lyrics to “All About the Bass”.

To hear one person sing along to  Edna St Vincent Millay or Dorothy Parker would make me squeal with glee.

What are your favourite poems?  Classic, contemporary, short, long, rhyming, free verse – please leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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