Lessons & Mentoring

Starting in October, I’ll be offering singer/songwriter mentoring sessions for kids and adults!

These are non-traditional music lessons which take an organic approach to learning to sing, write, play, arrange, perform, build a set list, etc.

Lessons are tailored to your needs, so I can offer individual guidance on:

• learning to sing and/or play the guitar
• writing lyrics (if you have music)
• or writing music (if you have words)
• writing a song from scratch
• writing better melodies
• how to get over your nerves and sing in front of people
• how to write a song from scratch
• how to improve your live performance
• studio sessions

I’ve had students ranging in age 8 to 60 – some are complete beginners and others have experience and are looking to improve.

I’m currently offering regular weekly slots to students in and around Chester, and for students further afield, I can offer longer day-long “workshop” sessions focusing on a particular element – great if you’d like to try your hand at writing a whole song!

If you or your kids would like to sign up for singer/songwriter mentoring, please get in touch directly!


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