Conservation & Commissions


Sing for Songbirds  –  commissioned by Chester Zoo

“Sing for Songbirds” was written as part Chester Zoo‘s campaign aimed at raising awareness and vital funds for endangered Indonesian songbirds.

It was taught and performed at schools throughout the northwest of England (and as far away as the Czech Republic), and provided inspiration for Ashley’s Starling Sessions.

The song was also included in resource packs for EAZA’s (European Association for Zoos and Aquaria) Silent Forest campaign, and performed by over a thousand children at the 2018 Amasing concert in Chester.

The Palm Oil Conga

Commissioned by Chester Zoo

“The Palm Oil Conga” was written by Ashley to celebrate Chester’s Zoo’s commitment to sustainable palm oil, and Chester’s bid to become the world’s first sustainable palm oil city. The song focuses on palm oil products, the issues surrounding the production/consumption of unsustainable alternatives, and how small everyday choices can make a big impact.


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