Ashley’s new song “Palm Oil Conga” tells the story of the great oil palm – where it’s found, how it’s used, its impact on animals and the environment, and how we can help tackle unsustainable palm oil production.

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Here’s my first ever Facebook live session!   We tried out two new arrangements of poems featuring To the Not Impossible Him and Suicide by Edna St Vincent Millay, and Resumé by Dorothy Parker.

What do you think? What poems do you want to hear? Get involved in our next FB live video tomorrow – Saturday, 11 February, 2017.


Ashley Fayth

oh man oh man oh man! So much fun! So far as part of my new ANTHOLOGY project, Chris Harvey and I have written music for and arranged:
“A Valediction: Forbidden Mourning” by John Donne
“To The Not Impossible Him” by Edna St Vincent Millay
“Lucy” parts II & IV by William Wordsworth
“Resume” by Dorothy Parker
EEEEEKKKKK All my faves! We’ll be posting demos of these soon on the website so you can have a listen.

As we finish each song, I’ll do a post to talk about why I chose particular poems, and why they’re special to me.

Please leave your suggestions for poems you’d like to hear covered in the comments below!


This year, with the help of Chris Harvey, Daniel J. Logan, and other friends, I will be undertaking a new project and setting my favourite poems to music.

We will be releasing “poems as songs” throughout the year, in the form of demos and live videos, and will be inviting other artists to take part in collaborative performances.

Our favourite arrangements will be compiled  on a studio album called “ANTHOLOGY”.

ANTHOLOGY will provide a new creative challenge for me. I want to use popular music as a vehicle to share some of my favourite literary works with people who might not otherwise be interested in seeking out and reading poetry.

What are your favourite poems?   Please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Hello ladies and gents! It’s been a long time coming, but here is my new website!

I’ve posted four tracks from my new album, Take Back the Fire, for you to listen to for free as a way of saying “welcome”! Just scroll down a little and you’ll find the music player.

You can also watch two live performances in the new “videos” section, or check out bios of my fvourite fellas, The Compass Rose in the “band” section. We’ll be profiling them in more detail soon.

Photos will be up hopefully within the week, as will our press page.

I wanted fresh, clean, and simple – to let the music speak for itself. For now, have a poke and let me know what you think!

Your friend,





Ashley’s new album, Take Back the Fire, is her first full-length work with the trans-Atlantic collaborative The Compass Rose. The album features 11 original tracks, and one traditional Newfoundland song, “She’s Like the Swallow”. The album is currently available from all major online music distributors, with a physical relese to follow in early 2017.

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As many of you know, I love arranging and reinterpreting  popular (and not so popular) cover songs.  My desire to showcase this creative side-project on my website alongside my original work led to the creation of Ashley Fayth: REIMAGINED. It’s an entire subsection dedicated to my acoustic covers. I’ll be adding some new tracks early in December, so stay tuned.