Blueberry Bay

When Sylvia Seal and her saltwater sidekicks discover a patch of plastic trash disguised as a bountiful buffet, they declare a state of emergency in Blueberry Bay!

The finned and feathered friends enlist the help of local children and explain how single-use litter “starts on the land and ends up in the sea – now the ocean is chokin’ on plastic debris.”

Blueberry Bay teaches children about the problem of plastic pollution in oceans, and suggests simple swaps we can all make on a daily basis to help save the sea.

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Ashley’s interview with Jane Adey on CBC’s “The Fisheries Broadcast”. Features clips from the official audiobook. Listen from 10:45.


Ashley Fayth is an award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter whose original compositions include commissions for Chester Zoo‘s global conservation campaigns. Her songs for sustainability have been endorsed by the European Association for Zoos and Aquaria (“Sing for Songbirds”) and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“Palm Oil Conga”), and have even been translated into multiple languages.

Her music has featured on BBC Radio 2, CBC Radio Canada, and has picked up awards from both Universal Music and the Canadian Songwriters Association

Ashley currently runs eco-themed songwriting workshops for children and will be releasing a new kids’ album in 2020.

She and her husband, Oliver, live in Chester, UK, and are expecting their first child in September.

She hates coriander.


Leigh Davies is an award-winning creative practitioner from Wales UK whose work spans a wide range of creative disciplines. Leigh predominantly practices within the visual arts and audio design, with a strong focus on how different creative art forms and senses can inform each other and ultimately influence how artworks are drawn, sculpted, coded, animated, filmed, or performed. Some of Leigh’s visual work include illustrations for a binaural children’s book ‘The Thieves and the Cockerel’ by Spacewalk Audio, as well as graphical interface design for software such as Mishmosh (Tate), Londonion (Film and Video Umbrella), pyka_loop (pyka) pyka_lens, (Cadw), and Acrux Seasons (Victor Gama).

Leigh is also the Director and Co-founder of an ed-tech company called pyka, who specialise in the design development of creative digital tools that are used to reconnect schools and young learners to their own creative capacity and the wider world around them.

Leigh loves coriander, but will stop at nothing to make sure it doesn’t get anywhere near Ashley.