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Blueberry Bay: Crowdfunding Campaign

Blueberry Bay: Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Sylvia Seal!
I live with the dolphins and otters and eels,
and lobsters and seagulls, and turtles and snails
and big fish and small fish, and flat fish and whales!

We have friends in the water, and friends on the shore,
friends high in the sky who swoop, glide, and soar –
and we all lived together in Blueberry Bay,
until something terrible happened one day . . .

Ashley’s new illustrated storybook tells the tale of a clan of quirky sea creatures who encounter a plastic pollution problem and reach out to the children of Blueberry Bay for help.

For 6 weeks starting in August, you’ll have the opportunity to help publish this beautiful book by participating in the Blueberry Bay crowdfunding campaign! You can pre-order a signed copy of the book, and take advantage of lots of other exclusive perks including:

  • Audiobook (read by the Ashley!)
  • Earlybird E-book
  • Colouring and activity pages
  • Live children’s concerts and readings

With your support, we hope to have Blueberry Bay in stores and online in time for Christmas 2019.

VIEW THE CAMPAIGN! (coming Aug 2019)

Author: Ashley

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter, minimalist, and creator of TheLitestyle.com. Combining creative chaos and simple living.

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